Charles and 25thOld Goucher Vision Plan

The Old Goucher Community Association and the Old Goucher Business Alliance have joined forces to create a master plan for the community. The Old Goucher Vision Plan—developed by neighborhood residents and business owners in partnership with the Neighborhood Design Center—establishes a vision for the future of the community.

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Homewood Community Partners Initiative


The Homewood Community Partners Initiative (HCPI) grew out of a greater understanding that the health and well-being of Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood campus is inextricably tied to the physical, social, and economic well being of its surrounding neighborhoods.  Old Goucher is one of 10 neighborhoods that are a part of the HCPI.

The shared vision derived through the HCPI process, which included the Old Goucher Community Association, defines the direction and suggests an overall strategy:

  • A vibrant urban center, growing dramatically by 3,000 more households in 10 years with exciting accessible retail and arts, entertainment, and cultural institutions attracting the region
  • A livable community, with a strong residential real estate market, high-caliber amenities, quality and attractive public schools
  • Active collaborative stakeholders who work closely together, support each other’s projects, and combine in the HCPI strategy and programs with anchor institutions, including JHU and others

In March 2013, President Ronald J. Daniels announced a commitment of $10 million over five years to enhance and strengthen the HCPI neighborhoods.

HCPI Documents

Final Report, July 2012 [PDF]

Briefing and Feedback, March 2012 [PDF]

Report to the HCPI Task Force, March 2012 [PDF]