Old Goucher Community Association

Mission Statement

The Old Goucher Community Association aims to improve and revitalize the neighborhood, supporting a diverse, safe, vibrant community. OGCA seeks to improve the availability of public and private transportation, while simultaneously making the neighborhood safer and more pedestrian friendly. We also intend to improve the marketing of our neighborhood, and through that effort, to increase home ownership and provide more market rate living units that would benefit Old Goucher’s full spectrum of income levels. We wish to support aesthetic improvements to streets, buildings, and open spaces; to attract new businesses that would provide services to a broader range of clientele; and to protect our significant architectural heritage.


  1. Add a Hopkins Shuttle Stop between 25th Street and North Avenue.
  2. Make Charles and Saint Paul Streets two-way streets in order to calm traffic, to make the area more business, pedestrian and family friendly. Add bicycling amenities such as bike lanes and bike racks.
  3. Increase and improve public transportation through the neighborhood.

Community/ Retail Development

  1. Move the northern border of the Station North Arts & Entertainment district to 25th Street.
  2. Increase resident population through the conversion of under-used or upper floor commercial space and the rehabilitation of vacant properties.
  3. Address property management issues with rental properties.
  4. Support mixed-use development in the case of new construction and larger rehabilitation projects within business zones.
  5. Support retail/commercial options within walking distance of residents.

Parks/Open Space

  1. Enhance existing green spaces in our community.


  1. Deal with problems near the local clinics.
  2. Deal with the prostitution problems in Old Goucher.
  3. Create a safe zone between UB and JHU in the Charles Street corridor including appropriate street lighting, increased security and other improvements.


  1. Support continuing efforts to eliminate rat infestations and for the proper placement of trash and garbage for pick-up.
  2. Develop a procedure with the City whereby businesses with non-City resident personnel and minimal disposal needs can utilize the Sisson Street Transfer Station.

Residential Development

  1. Increase home ownership in the community and discourage multi-family conversions of single-family homes.
  2. Protect and maintain the architectural fabric of the community.
  3. Improve neighborhood marketing.

Monthly Meeting

OGCA typically meets monthly at a location within the neighborhood.

Contact Us

Email us at info@oldgoucher.org, or visit our main contact page to find our list of officers and committee chairs.