Collegiate Beginnings

The Old Goucher neighborhood gets its name from its history as the original location of Goucher College. Founded as the Women’s College of Baltimore in 1885 on what was then the outskirts of the city, Goucher College quickly grew into a landscaped campus of architecturally significant buildings.


Renowned Architecture

Lovely Lane Church

Further development in the area induced the College to move further north to its current location in Baltimore County. However, the legacy of its tenure in the neighborhood includes a collection of historical buildings almost unrivaled in the city, including Lovely Lane Church and two other buildings by the storied architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White. A diverse set of superb 19th-century residences, churches, and institutional buildings make up the Old Goucher College Historic District, forming the backdrop for the rich architectural heritage of this unique community.

New Developments

Today, the Old Goucher neighborhood has built on its heritage and central location on North Charles Street, the main north-south corridor in the city, to develop into a vital commercial and residential community. The relative affordability and the diversity of the neighborhood, in terms of its people, buildings, and institutions has made it an incubator for small businesses as well as a place for homeowners to come to settle. Projects like the renovation of the old Census Building into Miller’s Court, a mixed-use residential, commercial, and office project that focuses on providing housing for teachers and space for non-profits, have brought additional vibrancy to an already dynamic, evolving section of the city.

Charles & 25th Streets Vision

Our Neighborhood’s Future

Looking to the future, Old Goucher sits in a privileged location at the intersection of rapidly growing and expanding urban communities. With Charles Village and the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins to the north, the Station North Arts and Entertainment District to the south, the rapidly redeveloping Barclay neighborhood to the east and the anticipated 25th Street Station mixed-use development to the west, Old Goucher provides a critical link between these very different and unique urban areas.